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Ready To Pay Some New Airline Fees?
With most of my family living out on the West Coast, I have to get on an airplane every once in a while to pay a visit, and boy, things have changed from when I first went out there.
Once what was a fun way to travel has become torture for me. I hate it. If I could drive there in a reasonable amount …
September 29 Is National Coffee Day
You missed it. Yesterday was National Coffee Day, with many coffee shops and coffee chains offering free cups of coffee. I suppose Sunday might typically be a slow day for coffee houses, so that’s why they decided to enjoy a cup on them.
Wild Pigs A Growing Problem
I see deer and turkey in my neighborhood nearly every day all year long. Occasionally I see foxes and I hear coyotes. But a suburban neighborhood near Atlanta has a problem that’s spreading across the country – wild pigs.
Do You Know Basic American History?
Came across some statistics from yahoo.com that are very sad. Is it our educational system or is it people just don’t care? We always laugh when Jay Leno or Jimmie Kimmel take the cameras to the streets and ask people basic American history questions...
When Being Overweight Is A Benefit
It’s always being pounded into us that we have to pay attention to our diet, we have to eat healthy and watch our weight if we want to live a long life. But believe it or not there’s a new study that says just the opposite. Middle-aged people (aged 40 – 60) with a body mass index (BMI) in the catego…
Today Is POW/MIA Recognition Day
It always falls on the third Friday of September, POW/MIA Recognition Day is a day of remembrance and hope for the safe return of American Prisoners of War, and those still Missing in Action. It’s also a day when we appeal for the return of the remains of soldiers killed in fore…
The Best Dogs To Run With
I was heading home from the grocery store and I saw a young woman jogging down the road along with her dog. And it really was more than a jog. She was moving along at a good pace. I don’t know how long or how far she was running, but I got to thinking what if the dog doesn&CloseCurly…
Shaping His Body To Become Superman
He’s 36 years old and for the past 16 years he’s had 19 plastic surgeries to transform himself into his idol – Superman. Herbert Chavez of the Philippines has had nose jobs, lip liposuction, skin whitening, jaw realignment, pectoral implants and abdominal implan…

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