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A Pretty Special Bus For The President To Ride
It really was a relative few who got to see the president in person as he began his bus tour across New York State and into Pennsylvania yesterday. Many, many more did get to see the presidential motorcade, and you really have to be impressed with the level of security.
Cashing In On A Visit From The Tooth Fairy
Today is Tooth Fairy Day. It’s pretty traumatic for kids to lose a tooth, but the promise of a visit from the Tooth Fairy seems to make everything much better, especially when the tooth is replaced with a small gift, usually money.
Today Is National Radio Day!
Nearly everyday we tell you about some oddball holiday or observance. Today, we pat ourselves on the back. It’s National Radio Day. Unfortunately nobody gets the day, off including us, and we’re in the business.
Want A Ride Into Space?
Anybody got an extra quarter million dollars they can spare? I’d like to use it to sign up for a trip into space aboard Richard Branson Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two. Branson says trips into space will begin next year.
What Are Babies’ First Words?
I happened to overhear the mothers of some very young children talking about their kids starting to say their first words, and I got to wondering what the first words a baby might say are.
You would think that since mom really spends the most time with the baby, the first word they might say is “mama…
It’s Relaxation Day!
Today is Relaxation Day – a day set aside to make us realize that there’s nothing wrong with relaxing once in a while.
It seems it might be better if it fell on the weekend, but I guess we have to realize that getting rest for not only our body but our mind is important.
Buffalo To New York City In A Half Hour?
It’s not quite Star Trek’s transporter – but it's getting close. On trips out to California, I've often thought it would be wonderful to be able to get into a capsule of some type and be able to see my family in a matter of minutes. The Hyperloop trans…
It’s International Left-Handers Day!
Today is International Left-Handers Day. A recent study found that even though only about 10 percent of people are left-handed, as many as 25 percent of students enrolled in college music, art and architecture programs were lefties.
Kangaroo Saves 7-Year-Old Boy
From over the weekend comes the incredible story of a 7-year-old boy who spent 24 hours in the Australian outback but survived because of the help of a kangaroo.
Great Lakes’ Oldest Lighthouse Open For Tours
It’s pretty rare for the Buffalo lighthouse to be open for tours, but it will be Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
It’s the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes. It was almost demolished 50 years ago, but a volunteer group has been restoring it and they’r…

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