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America’s Favorite Candy Bar
We’re always told of the importance of eating well and good nutrition, but Americans love their candy. Last year we spent billions of dollars on candy. And what kind of candy do Americans like better than any other? Chocolate.
The End Of A TV Era
The very last one ever seen on television appeared at 11:50 PM on January 1st, 1971 on the Johnny Carson Show. After that they were never seen again – a TV commercial for cigarettes. Because it was on this day in 1970 President Richard Nixon signed a lawn banning cigarette ads on TV and radio.
It’s What Saved The Eiffel Tower
For more than 40 years it was the world’s tallest structure.  The Eiffel Tower was built to honor the 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution and it served as the gateway to the International Exposition in Paris.
Foods That Make You Happy
Came across an article that lists the top foods that will make you happier.  For some people – fast food makes them happy, mainly because it’s so easy.  But a steady diet of it is not a good thing. 
So how do these particular foods make you happy
The Wonder Drug For Men
It was originally intended to treat high blood pressure. But when chemists at Pfizer realized it improved blood flow in all parts of the body within 30 to 60 minutes they knew they had something else and probably more valuable. The chemical name is Sildenafil, but Pfizer introduced it under the name…
Don’t Say Goodbye To The Snow Just Yet
With over a hundred inches of snow, extended periods of brutal cold and wind chill along with two blizzards this has been one of the toughest Buffalo winters in a while. It looks like we have a break from the winter weather coming up this weekend but don’t put your snow shovels …
Buffalo During Prohibition
It was the 18th Amendment in 1919 that banned the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol. It was known as Prohibition, but lasted just over a decade because it killed the economy. Breweries, taverns and restaurants were forced to close, thousands of people lost their jobs and it led to other …
The Enormity Of The Sun
We don’t see it every day especially in this part of the country, but it’s there. It brings us light, sometimes it brings us warmth. It’s the sun. We see it as a flaming ball of fire in the sky, but it’s the largest thing in our solar s…
International Day of Happiness
There's a good reason to smile and be happy today. By a proclamation of the United Nations, today is the International Day of Happiness. The U.N. says happiness is all about celebrating peace, human rights and higher standards of life and every person in the world has a right to it.
A Day To Share Food
Today is the feast of St. Joseph in the Catholic religion - celebrated on March 19th every year.
It commemorates the life of St. Joseph, the step-father of Jesus and husband of the Virgin Mary. March 19th is believed to be Joseph’s birthday.

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