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Galleria Mall Getting 5 Wits Entertainment Venue
This looks so COOL! Expected to be in the Walden Galleria Mall by this spring, 5 Wits Entertainment will be opening a new venue. The venue will be located in the upper level of the mall right near Sears.
According to the Buffalo News the venue will offer 3 "immersive games" th…
The Worst Part of Your Western New York Commute
Buffalo traffic isn't notoriously AWFUL, but it's not real great all the time, either.
There might be an area or two that gives you anxiety, miles before you hit it each morning/afternoon.
For me, there's one particular area if I'm travelling from Buffalo to Main Street in Williams…
Intermussen – Uber Coming Soon To Buffalo
Uber still isn't available in Buffalo, but legislation in Albany is working its way thru the process and it could become legal within a few weeks.  We asked fans at a Buffalo Sabres game their thoughts on Uber and here were their replies...
ICYMI: 4-Year-Old Claire and Dad Made It To Ellen [VIDEO]
They finally made it!!
...and when I say finally I mean, it took just a few weeks. We showed you a little bit back the video of 4-year-old Claire and her dad Dave's web video stole hearts around the world with more than 150 million views online, they came to Ellen's show to perform their du…
Cheap + Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Make Her Heart Melt
You don't have to be loaded and have tons of money to get her the perfect Valentine's Day gift (although, lets face it -- money helps). Trust me, I don't think I'm cheap, but I also don't think spending tons and tons of money for my girlfriend is necessary on Valentine's Day. I think that I get the …

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