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Chestnut Ridge Park Like You’ve Never Seen
If you're having a tough day all you have to do is watch this video and I guarantee it'll calm you right down.  Jonah's videos have that effect on me.  He takes you to familiar places but with a view you've probably never seen before.
Wendy Lynn Goes Jet Skiing With Keith Kelly [VIDEO]
All summer Keith Kelly and I have talked about going Jet skiing.  Well it finally happened, Keith got me out on the river yesterday August 27th.
I've been on a jet ski before but its probably been almost 10 years since I have LOL.  I don't mind the water or the speed of the jet sk…
Tour the Schooner Lois McClure at Canalside 8/18-8/20
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Sailing Canal Boat Lois McClure will visit ports along the Champlain and Erie Canals including Canalside this weekend.
This summer marks the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal with a celebration of waterways and trees...
In the Buf with Jo: At the Garden Walk!
On behalf of ALL of Buffalo's West Side, let me welcome the suburberatti!! We smile and say "Good morning!" here. Do NOT be afraid. (Some suburbanistas will look at my neighbors and I like we're in a zoo! We porch sit and have 'cawfee tawk'...
Niagara Falls State Park Has a New Walking App
Living in Buffalo we are able to experience Niagara Falls as much as we want.  I sometimes forget it's practically in my backyard.  When friends and family come to visit that I think I need to take advantage and experience the falls more often, and this is a neat new way to do so...
Dale Rappels Down a 50-Foot Wall at Camp
When I got to the top of the 50-foot tower, Padraic, the young man in charge of the COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) program at Camp Schoellkopf asked me if I was afraid of heights.  I told him I wasn't.  I was just afraid of falling.  He assured me l…
Dale Tackles a Tent at Camp Schoellkopf
For my very first stay at a camp of any kind, summer camp, day camp, scout camp - I was invited to spend a day (and night) at Camp Schoellkopf in Wyoming County.  I was assured we could work out some reasonable lodging rates for the night so I was in.

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