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What Is FootGolf + Where Can You Play in Buffalo?
I'd heard of it but hadn't played it. So when the chance came up over the weekend we decided to give it a try. A cross between golf and soccer, FootGolf compares more to golf, but the main tools come from soccer. The simple object is to kick the ball into the cups in as few shots…
Liz’s Family Tempts Fate With Charlie the Squirrel [VIDEO]
I was home in Cleveland this past weekend for my grandmother's funeral. I've shared in the past that she had a squirrel at her house for as long as I can remember and his name is Charlie.
Charlie comes to the back door and knocks when he is hungry, and we throw out some peanuts...
8 Water Slides to Put on Your Summer Bucket List
In honor of Travel Channel's new season of "Xtreme Waterparks" that premieres June 26th, the Travel Channel has released a list of what they think are some of the top water slides in America! So if you're a water slide enthusiast start mapping our your road trip...
‘Reddy Bikeshare’ Will Be Allowed in Buffalo
Reddy Bikeshare company is now allowed to set up shop Buffalo after the common council approved their license. You will now soon see kiosks set up around the area for people to rent and use. Locations for the kiosks have not yet been determined but they are taking suggestions and votes on …
Air Quality Alert For WNY From Today [DETAILS]
Air quality is expected to be poor today in WNY. The heat today will create a formation of ground level ozone, which then creates photochemical smog. Typically you'll find photochemical smog in big cities with sunny, warm climates with a lot of automobiles...
Outer Harbor Releases Summer Schedule + It’s Full of Fun
As Buffalo grows so do the things to do in Buffalo! Outer Harbor not only released their new logo, but their summer schedule! Here's the breakdown!
MAY 26-30: Architects Of Air
A dazzling maze of design and engineering
JUNE 1-5: Universoul Circus
The best show on the planet...

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