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Billboard’s Top Country Hits Of 2012
It sure has been another great year for Country Muisc. From new stars to big time hits from some of the best in the business, I sure wouldn't want the job of picking "the best" of 2012. Billboard has taken that task on and here is what they found...
John La Mond’s Favorite Zac Brown Band Tunes [VIDEO]
Am I excited about the Zac Brown Band show tonight at Darien Lake? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  Like a lot of people here in Western New York, I have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waited for these guys to come here. The closest they have been to Western New York was July of 2010 when they play…
This Week’s Top Five Songs on WYRK [VIDEO]
You can have a say in what we play if you're a WYRK Country Club member. Each week, members rank their favorite songs for us, and we use that information to compile our playlist. Check out this week's most-played songs voted by Country Club members. To becom
Top 40 Country Songs – August 2012
Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and Eric Church all make strong debuts on the Top 40 Country Songs list for August, but none of their singles were good enough to take down a song that ranked No. 2 on the July 2012 list. Aldean comes closest, with ‘Take a Little Ride’ making a Top 5 de…
This Week’s Top 10 Songs Played on WYRK
We mean it when we say you can have a say in what we play on WYRK.  Each week, we send out a list of songs for you to rate, and your answers help us create your playlist. So how do you get the list?

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