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Guy Applies For A Job On A Hockey Stick [VIDEO]
The Diversity Job Fair is coming Wednesday at the Buffalo Convention Center.With many employers looking to hire in one place, this is one event you shouldn't miss if you are looking for a new job/career. Bring lots of resumes and come dressed for success. Even though this is creative, you may w…
Amazing Ice Rescue of Man Walking Across Lake St. Clair
A U-S Coast Guard crew on patrol in Lake St. Clair off the shores of Detroit, Michigan never expected to see what they encountered.  It was a man walking across the ice miles from shore in single digit temperatures with a wind chill below zero.  He was wearing only light clothing, didn&apo…
Soldier’s Tip At Restaurant May Really Tick You Off [PICTURES]
Instead of filling in a tip on their copy of their receipt at this restaurant this soldier wrote something instead:
My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country"
Unacceptable? This soldier does not represent the hundreds of respected men and women who serve the United States…
This Man Is Selling Snow in Boston + Making Money
To think for my entire life I could have sold that snowy, white crap that's on my front lawn for 5 months and turn it into a BUSINESS.
It started as a joke when this 27 year old guy in Boston put some snow in a water bottle and tried to sell it to a person in a warmer-weather state that never sa…

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