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WATCH: Kellogg Worker Literally Pees in Cereal on Camera
You know when you're crabby in the morning and somebody goes 'well, who peed in your Cheerios?'
This man did. This man literally peed in my cereal.
And someone out there probably ate it, honestly. The video that just recently surfaced was actually taken in 2014, and cereal products don't have a two ye…
E-Cig Explodes Inside Man’s Pocket, Caught on Camera
Well, you don't see something like this everyday.
A surveillance camera captured the moment a man’s e-cigarette allegedly exploded inside his pocket while standing in line at a Kentucky gas station.
Josh Hamilton had approached the counter to pay for his purchase when his pants su…
Ice Car Owner Reacts to Sight of His Frozen Ride
By now most of us in Western New York and some around the country have seen the car that is frozen solid at Hoak's parking lot along lake Erie.
Channel 7's Matt Bove' was first to tweet the photo that quickly went viral and was re-tweeted a number of times and even shown on Good Mornin…

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