Maybe its a result of over-exposure, maybe it's just the people!  I have come up with a short list of celebrity couples past/present that really get my blood boiling when I hear or read about them.  Some of the couples on the list make me shake my head just because of the uneven pairing.  Meaning, one who (In my eyes) is way too good for the other.  My opinion probably doesn't matter to most, but I bet a lot of you just might agree with a couple of these.  Let's start off with the most obvious- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie- Congrats, you two finally decided to tie the knot.  If I have to hear about one more child that they've adopted and gave an outlandish name to, I'm gunna vomit.  Next is a new couple that irked me right from the start.....

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian- I hear they're being called "Kimye"-eech (please stop combining every couple's name)  I seriously dislike Kim K...why...because she made her celebrity with a sex tape.  SAD :(  Kanye, although I dig some of his music, is very arrogant and thinks the world of himself.  I hope the two find themselves on a cruise ship similar to the Costa Concordia!

3- Ex-couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore- First off, let me say that I'm all for robbing the cradle Demi, you go girl!! LOLOLOL  Robbing it for Ashton Kutcher is a crappy choice tho.  He, more than any other male celebrity bothers me.  I'd tell you why, but there's a radio show that needs to start.

4- Ex-couple- Katy Perry and Russel Brand- Russel Brand is the second most annoying male celebrity in my opinion and he definitely lucked out with Perry.  Seeing the two of them together made me question what she saw in him.  He's a "BAG", if ya know what I mean.  As for Katy, I don't have realy issues with the person she is, but I do question how millions of people view her as gorgeous....she's cute..THAT'S IT!

5- Seal & Heidi Klum- Wheew...Thank g-d that one is over! I never understood this one from the beginning.  She is so far hotter than anything Seal can imagine.  Maybe now she finally realizes that.  I understand I'm being shallow throughout this blog, but it's fun and they're celebrities and they're in the public we can have our fun with them.

6- Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari- For those who don't know Jay Cutler, he's a QB for the Chicago Bears.  Kristin is a reality show star.  Here is another example of someone getting the shorter end of the stick.  Cavallari is waaaaay to hot for Cutler.  He even broke off an engagement with her, then they got back together.  He has to be a sweet talker....or she has to be an airhead!