Everyone always has a resolution for each New Year. But, in reality, how many people actually stick through to the end of the year? Not many but here’s for hoping. According to Taste of Country & USA Today, here are some resolutions that celebrities are going to try to accomplish here in 2012…

And of course we’re all hoping that the Mayans were wrong and 2012 is not the end of us.

1.)    Kirstie Alley- "My resolution is to shatter negative elements in my life and revel in the ones that help me flourish…with the ability to differentiate and for god's sake, learn a second language. Like, really learn it. I've spoken French a little bit all through high school and all through college, but I've never lived (in France). So I'm kind of close."

2.)    Thompson Square‘s Shawna Thompson - “To play less ‘Call of Duty’!”

3.)    Thompson Square’s Keifer Thompson -  “Just to keep working and not slow down.”

4.)    Zac Efron- "My new year's resolution — to me, this year I just want to spend more time with my family, individually. I'm going to take my little brother and take him solo somewhere on a backpacking trip, some adventure. Just brothers."

5.)    Sunny Sweeney-  “To clean out my closet. That may take all of 2012 though, so make that my 2013 resolution also.”

6.)    Josh Thompson - “Making more time for family.”

7.)    Jessica Biel- learn French as a second language and master it

8.)    Blake Shelton- win the voice (plain and simple-huh?)