I just read an article that absolutely disgusted me. A CEO for a very well-known company went on the record and said that he doesn't want overweight people to wear his brand of clothing.

The CEO's name is Mike Jeffries, and his company is Abercrombie & Fitch.  For those of you who have never seen this store, it's a trendy clothing store that apparently only sells clothing for the cool and popular kids.

Evidently, the cool and popular kids do not wear clothes that are larger than a size L because they don't sell anything bigger than that. In a recent report from Business Insider, Robin Lewis, co-author of The New Rules of Retail, tells the news site that "[Jeffries] doesn't want larger people shopping in his store, he wants thin and beautiful people."

I didn't realize that thin and beautiful went hand in hand. Certainly you can have one and not the other.

Lewis told Business Insider, "[Jeffries] doesn't want his core customers to see people who aren't as hot as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they're one of the 'cool kids.'"

I cannot believe the cojones on this guy! I've always just assumed that people who become the CEO of a company do so because they're some of the most intelligent people in our population.

In my humble opinion, you sir, are an idiot.

I understand the positioning that you're aiming at, but it's incredibly shallow, and I pray that it doesn't work. The last thing that this world needs is a generation of people who believe that beauty is only skin deep. For you to make a little girl feel like she's less than someone else because of the size of her clothes is irresponsible and deplorable.

It's really sad when people like you make the kind of money that you make.  The money you make does not make you better than someone else.  From the looks of things, it has done the opposite.  For someone who prides himself on the way that people look at your clothing and wants it to be the brand that people strive to fit in, you sure have a way of making your company look incredibly unattractive.

What would you do if you had children who struggled with their weight?  Would you not allow them to wear your own company's clothes?  Would you turn them away at the door?

As the father of a daughter, I can assure you that my daughter will not strive to wear your clothing.  I will make sure to raise her to love herself and others.  And you can be sure that if you ever make another penny, it will not come from my pocket.