One day after being admitted to the hospital after complaining of severe abdominal pains, Charlie Sheen checked himself into a rehab facility on Friday.  Turned out the severe pain was related to a hernia problem he's had for some time, but he allegedly had been partying heavily at his home with a couple of porn stars.One of them issued a statement that she was glad Sheen had sought out help.  Thru her publicist Kasey Jordan said she is "very happy that Charlie decided to get some help because it was clear to me if he didn't he would have died.  He is such a talented actor, and has his beautiful children to think about."

It was the second trip to the hospital emergency room in three months for Sheen.   In October he spent several hours in a New York City hospital after police responded to a call of an emotional disturbed man at the Plaza Hotel.  A spokesman for Sheen called it an "adverse allergic reaction" to a medication.

Seems like bit of a pattern here.  Meanwhile, his CBS comedy "Two And A Half Men" has been put on temprary hiatus.