This is personal, very personal. Today, December 17th marks the 6th anniversary of my Mom's death. I still miss her so very much. My Mother, who's name is Carol had been in ill health when God called her home that Saturday afternoon back in 2005. She had just turned 75 the month before.

This is the story of a pair of "Christmas Shoes" I bought my Mom...the day after she passed away.

My parents had always been organized and prepared, so though the dreaded visit with the funeral director was difficult, it was made a bit easier by the fact that most of the details had already been pre-arranged...except for her shoes. That task was left to me.

The trip to the nearby plaza would take me to a department store that I knew my Mother loved to shop at. As I waited in my truck gathering my thoughts before going in, a certain heart-wrenching Christmas song came on the radio...yeah, you guessed it, "The Christmas Shoes" by a Christian group called NewSong. Totally unashamed, I cried...and cried and cried.

To this day just the mere mention of the song about a little boy buying shoes for his dying Mom so she looked nice for Jesus will bring this writer to tears. Tears because I miss you Mom and love you so much. Tears of joy too knowing that I will see you again someday...and bet you'll be wearing those "Christmas Shoes".