It was all because Arthur Fry lost his temper in church back in 1980.

He always knew there had to be a simple solution to every problem if you just thought about it long enough. He loved to sing with his church choir. And he liked to keep track of all of the songs in his hymnal because the choir director would skip back and forth from the back of the book to the front.

He couldn’t use paperclips to mark his place because they might rip the pages. He couldn’t use tape because they might tear the page. So little slips of paper were the best thing he could think of until one day when the choir stood to sing, Arthur fumbled the hymn book and most of the slips of paper fell to the floor. He needed to find a better way.

He told a co-worker about his problem so together they tried a little of this and little of that and finally got it to work and it not only helped Arthur keep his place in his hymn book, but their company cashed in too. The two of them worked for the 3M company and together they invented the little Post it note that today is rated as one of the top five most successful office products in history.

Is there anything that makes you mad? Think about it. It could make you rich.