I doubt you will find a more famous stop on the snowmobile trail in the Southtowns than at Uncle Frank's on New Oregon Rd in (Langford) North Collins,NY. Even though it is a great place for wings and beers on a snowy Sunday, it is also a perfect place for an afternoon happy hour all year round!

Holly is just one of the great bartnenders you'll find at Frank's

I recently spoke to Holly Savage, who is one of the popular bartenders you can find at Frank's....

CM: Tell me a little bit about the history of Uncle Frank's...


"Bear" has been open for 21 years and still employs 80% of the original staff (including myself) I think that says alot about him,he has told me a few times he would have sold the bar but won't because he doesn't want to hurt his employees which I find ironic because the only reason many of us are still there is for him not because we need the money. Bear has one of the best fish frys around and the homemade sides are amazing!! We still have beer in cans (Genny and Genny light) but if requested by a customer he will bring in just about any beer! We now have blue moon and Yuengling. .And of course, don't forget about him being on the snowmobile trail."

Map of Langford/New Orgeon

The people the stop in to Frank's range in age and charcter! From the younger line dancers on Thursday nights to the older "regulars" I feel right at home no matter what day I pop in for a few. Uncle Frank's is also a great place to stop in on your trip around the county on your motorcycle or after the tractor pull in August! Of all of the bars I like, this one has the most down home feel to it. You feel as though you are hanging out with friends in someone's house!!

Me at Frank's