Had a chance to grab a copy of the new Kip Moore album called “Up All Night” on MCA Nashville. It lands in stores on Tuesday and he is in town this weekend at Rane Party Bar in West Seneca. I’m sure you have heard the song “Somthin Bout A Truck” which is a killer song that pretty much says everything that is cool about a truck and what goes with it -girls and cold beer. However, it doesn’t seem to match the rest of the album. I am all about great lyrics and ballads, but in moderation. I kept waiting for many of the 11 eleven tracks to jump out at me. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. This album is the perfect soundtrack for a night together with your girlfriend or wife but not a weekend around a bonfire. Songs like “Hey Pretty Girl” would be perfect to play when you plan a romantic night! “Reckless” is a great song. It reminds me a lot of what I am feeling these days…“Growing up, but still have a lot of party in me.” The title track, “Up All Night” is another song that has great flow and is exactly what we guys are thinking when we are with someone special late at night. Kip Moore has written or co-written most of the songs and clearly he has mastered the art of tugging on heart strings. Women are gonna love this album for the pure fact that it sounds like everything they want men to feel and say about them and their relationship. As for me, I was hoping that there would be more in your face, fun and energetic songs to rock out to in my pick up or at a tailgate party! Don't get me wrong. this album is romance at it's finest. It's sensual, passionate and an album to keep on hand when it's time for good lovin!