I can't help but feel bad for Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert. True, they are some very successful people with plenty of money. But hear me out.

Breakups are tough no matter what your social status may be. However, being in the spotlight the way that they are probably makes it worse.

Think about it. When was the last time you broke up with someone and it made headlines on every country music website in the nation? Or when was the last time that you broke up with someone and it was referenced, joked about and trending nationally on Twitter?

Let's face it: Regardless of what we read or hear, there are always THREE sides to any story. Cliche? Perhaps. But really there is hers, his and the truth when it comes to the reasons why a relationship ends. Most specifically, the stories about breakups. Celebrities have it even worse.

Did he cheat? Did she? Were they not made for each other? Was there a major fight? It really doesn't matter. True, some couples deserve the ridicule when they flat-out flaunt their status. Some couples almost seem to try to make drama just so it gets publicity. However, in the case of Brantley and Jana, their relationship stayed below the radar for the most part.

When they first got engaged, they both seemed so happy! It was the lead story for a few weeks, and every interview was either about the when or where about their wedding. It has to be tough for them now. Celebrities are just like you and me. They just happen to have more money and fame. They still have feelings, and in most cases, we really don't know much about who they really are. We don't know what makes them tick, and we certainly don't know the level of pain they are going through when things like this happen.

Everywhere they go, someone will probably ask, "What happened?" or say, "I am sorry to hear about your split." On a grand scale, like you and I, they probably can't get away from things that remind them of each other. Heck, they even have written songs about one another!

Nobody is as tough as they appear after a breakup. Think about your last breakup. On the outside you were good. On the inside...dying. Yes, you hung out with friends, went to work, worked out and did anything you could do to keep your mind off the other person. But when you were home alone or heard a song or smelled a smell or saw something that was special to you both, it was tough.

People love to point fingers and joke or even go as far as to say, "I told ya so." Even I was guilty of trying to predict the outcome of Gilbert and Kramer's future as a couple. But after going through a breakup as a "local celebrity" (which I don't even like being known as), I feel bad that I would make such a prediction about a couple I don't even know. Unless you are one of them, there really is nothing you can say other than "I wish them the best" both at the beginning and the end of a relationship.

That should be our reaction to any couple. Famous or ordinary. Love is not something that people just walk away from without any sort of pain or regret. It is a tough time. Lessons are learned and someone is heartbroken. That is sad no matter who is involved.