I am trying to recall just exactly how many shows I saw this year. It is close to 20. From Buffalo to Texas to Vegas, I sure have had a fun year of concert going. Josh asked me if I could put together a top 5 list of my favorites. As hard as that might be, here goes...

#5 Neal McCoy In Langford

This was an easy one for my top 5. not only is Neal amazing in concert and delivers 100% every time, but, Langford is a highlight of Summer no matter who is there. It is real country in a real small town. From the people to the location...it just don't get no better than Langford.

#4 The 2011 Taste Of Country

Always a great event...this past year featured Josh Turner, Easton Corbin, Chris Young and Josh Thompson and Chuck Wicks! Our event has become just that...an EVENT. You can't go wrong with 20,000 people in downtown Buffalo with that many great stars on one show!

#3 Justin Moore in Vegas!

Wow, where to start. Justin is one of my favorites of all time and seeing him in Vegas on my birthday was a true highlight of my entire life! I found out he was playing that night by tuning in to the local radio station and heard a commercial about the show.  Lucky there was tickets left!!

#2 Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw and The Band Perry at Darien Lake

This show was awesome because of the atmosphere at the show. People showed up for a party and they got exactly that. Luke Bryan is one heck of an entertainer and Tim McGraw has so many great songs that his show could last all night! Plus, after seeing a full show from The Band Perry, there is no wonder why they picked up so many awards this year!

#1 Taylor Swift at HSBC Arena (FNC)

I realize that most of you would think I have fallen of my rocker on this one. I admit, I am probably Swifts least biggest fan. However, this show was special. Magical in a way. Taylor swift connected with her audience like no one I have seen since Garth did. Really Swift and Brooks are the same in a marketing sort of way. They know their audiences and they deliver exactly what they expect. The don't get on stage and act like they are above them. They don't seem phony on stage and they bring an energy that is hard to describe. I guess electric is a good word.

Here is a list of a few other shows I recall being at this year...

  • Jam In The Valley
  • WYRK Accoustic Show(s)
  • Miranda Lambert at the Erie County Fair
  • Miranda at the CMAC
  • Rascal Flatts at Darien Lake
  • Toby Keith at Darien Lake
  • Brad Paisley at Darien Lake
  • Brantley Gilbert in Amarillo,TX
  • George Strait and Reba in Cleveland,OH
  • Easton Corbin at Rapids
  • Brantley Gilbert at Rapids Theater with Eric Church
  • 2011 CMA Awards in Nashville,TN
  • WYRK winter TOC
  • Keith Urban First Niagara Center