Even though the Bills did not win yesterday, I still had a great time! I go to one or two games a year and I had forgotten how much fun the experience is. Being at Ralph Wilson Stadium with 60,000 of your closest fans is a pretty cool thing.Thanks to my buddy Paul, I was able to make to go the Bills-Titans game Sunday! From tailgating to climbing to our seats way at the top of the stadium, being a part of a Bills home game crowd is something special. One of the coolest things I think at the game was how well they timed the fly over of the C1-30 plane with the last note of the National Anthem. I mean that plane was exactly on time!!

It was disappointing that the Bills basically threw away the lead...again,I go to the games with the idea that the party before hand is the main even. Win or lose, you can't go wrong when your drinking some beers, sharing some laughs and playing tailgate games with your friends before some people even get out of bed!!

View from the top around mid game