If you're planning on robbing any stores in the Hendersonville, SC area, you may want to steer clear of this clerk who knocked out a would be thief and then made him clean up his own blood.

The clerk's name is Derek Mothershead but he's now being called 'Rocky' at the We Buy Gold Store where he works in South Carolina.  A thief came in just before closing time and demanded that Mothershead put all of the store's money in the bag. 

When he came through the door he told me had a gun and he even flashed it," said Derek Mothershead. “I stood up and threw my hands up and said, 'Take the money.

That's precisely the time that Mothershead earned his new nickname.  He knocked him out cold with one punch and called 911.  When the thief came to, he made him clean up his own blood before the paramedics got there.  Check out the video on WYFF4.com.