This article is actually titled Confessions Of A Mother: Guilty Things Mothers Secretly Do but dads, I know you're not out of this.  Neither am I.  It's a list of things that society says you're not supposed to do with your kids, but you do anyway.   

Who hasn't let their kid stay up late?  Who hasn't let their kids eat something that isn't necessarily the healthiest thing on the menu?  Does that make us bad parents?  I don't think so.  I mean, my dad had me driving full size farm tractors when I was like 12.  Could it have been dangerous?  Yes.  But he trusted me so he let me do it.  It just means that we're raising our kids the way we think they should be raised.

This article from includes a bunch of confessions that parents admit they let their kids do.  Things like:

  • Letting their kids go naked in public
  • Letting their kids watch TV up close
  • Play by themselves outside (really??  who didn't do this as a kid?)
  • Stay up late
  • Eat pizza for breakfast (I eat pizza for breakfast.  Why shouldn't kids?  It's got all the food groups!)

Take a look at some of these confessions and feel free to add your own in the comments.  And remember're not excluded from this conversation.