Remember a couple of years back when a man, who had to have both legs amputated while serving for our country, accidentally fell out of The Superman roller coaster at Darien Lake? The story can now be put to rest as the family will receive a seven-figure settlement for his wrongful death.

James T. Hackemer’s, who passed after his injuries after falling out on the last hill of ‘The Superman’, has two daughters who will be the primary beneficiaries of the money awarded.

“Darien Lake and its management are relieved to settle this case,” said Hugh M. Russ III, a lawyer for the amusement park. “And while they admit no liability, they did feel obligated to help care for Mr. Hackemer’s two children,” according to the Buffalo News.

I give a lot of credit to Darien Lake for helping out after a ‘touchy’ subject on whether or not he should have even decided to go on the ride if he had no legs to keep him in the ride.

“Hackemer’s family argued in the suit that park employees violated Darien Lake’s safety rules by allowing a double amputee on the “Ride of Steel” coaster”. But what about taking responsibility for your own actions?

I’m very glad that they could help out his daughters especially, because they are so young and now can have some closure on this horrible situation.