In every genre, there are some songs that we should all hear at least once in our lifetimes, whether we're fans of that style of music or not. Some are quintessential to the genre; others are underrated fan favorites; all of them mean so much.

Among The Boot's list of 50 Country Songs Everyone Must Hear Before They Die, readers will find both classics and modern hits from within the country genre and its sub-genres: Americana, alt-country, bluegrass and folk. If a song falls within one of those categories, it has to meet only one other qualification to be considered for this list: It needs to make those who hear it laugh, cry, think, feel or sing and dance along; it needs to move its listeners.

Only 50 artists are represented on The Boot's 50 Country Songs Everyone Must Hear Before They Die list, and the songs selected aren't necessarily each act's biggest or most well-known hit. These 50 songs, however, speak to The Boot's staff members -- and to country music fans -- for various reasons and in various ways.

At noon ET on July 24, The Boot will reveal the first 10 of its 50 Country Songs Everyone Must Hear Before They Die. An additional 10 songs will be added to the photo gallery above each day at the same time, until the list is complete on July 28.

Flip through the gallery to read about each track. In 2018, The Boot will expand this list, so be sure to share your own picks in the comments section below.

Hannahlee Allers, Chuck Armstrong, Courtney Carr, Riane Konc, Amy McCarthy, Liv Stecker, Angela Stefano, Gayle Thompson and Annie Zaleski contributed to this story.