Taylor Swift gives acting a shot, Gretchen Wilson releases "Redneck Woman" and we realize she's not acting at all, and Alabama is born as "Wild Country."

1770 – The Boston Massacre takes place.  As a Bills fan, it’s easy to mistake this with any game played against the New England Patriots.  But this was the day where 5 ciitzens were killed by Brittish Redcoats and sparked the American Revolutionary War.

1963 – The Hula Hoop is patented.  I still can’t do it.

1963 -- Remember the other day when I said that it was the anniversary of Patsy Cline’s last show ever?  That’s because today is the anniversary of Patsy Cline’s death.  A plane crash in Camden, Tennessee, claims the lives of not only Patsy Cline, but also Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins and pilot Randy Hughes as they returned to Nashville from a charity concert in Kansas City. 

1973 – Today was the debut of the band Alabama.  They weren’t called that though.  They went by the name “Wild Country,” and they played their first show at The Bowery in Myrtle Beach, SC.

1976 – Johnny Cash records “One Piece At A Time” In Hendersonville at The House Of Cash.  According to Wikipedia , it was the last Johnny Cash Song to reach #1 on the Billboard Country Singles chart.

1994 – The World’s Largest Milkshake is made at 1,955 gallons.  The world’s largest brain freeze follows…

2004 – “Redneck Woman” is released to country radio.  It takes a little while to set in that she’s not just singing a song.  She’s singing a song that’s incredibly true to her life!

2009 – Taylor Swift gets stabbed in the heart with a pair of scissors.  Well…not really, her character Haley on the show CSI:Crime Scene Investigation did though.

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