When I was a kid, I remember my mom cooking italian sausage and rice.  My cousin kept sneaking into the kitchen to ask her what we were eating.  Frustrated, my mom finally said, "It's frogs and fish eyes!"  Needless to say, my cousin wasn't much in the mood to eat that night and he never asked my mom again what was for dinner.  I didn't think it was funny then.  However, it became funnier when I pulled it with my own kids today.

I'm constantly getting noses that are turned up to what we might be cooking for dinner.  It's normal for kids to do.  If it's something that they haven't tried yet, they are probably pretty hesitant to try. But I'm also kind of tired of trying to convince them to "Try it...you might like it."

So today when I was cooking pork loin my daughter asked what I was for dinner.  Without even hesitating I took one look at it and said the first thing that came to my head.  "It's cow tongue," I said to her.  You should have seen her face.  Her eyes got huge and she got that deer in headlights look.  But then she surprised me.  She said "hmm...ok."

It was a pretty adventurous side of her that I was happy to see.  She didn't know what it was but she was willing to try it.  So as I put our food on a plate, my son absolutely refused.  It wasn't happening.  But she was willing to try it.  So I came clean with her and she was incredibly relieved.

Now she can tell all her friends that she had two helpings of cow tongue for dinner last night.  I'm guessing their friends won't be staying for dinner.