We were talking yesterday about a huge beetle that’s 7 inches long, and it has jaws so strong it can snap a wooden pencil in two. Someday that may be food for us.

There’s a man in Salt Lake City, Utah that’s come up with an energy bar made from crickets. It comes in three flavors, chocolate, peanut butter and Thai. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, including flour made from crickets. He says compared with pigs and cows, crickets are a more environmentally source of protein and crickets have less fat. Pigs and cows need huge amounts of water. Crickets need very little.

He gets his cricket flour from a supplier in California. He’s been selling his energy bars since late last year in about 75 stores in 15 states and expects sales to top $2-millon within two years.  He has an interesting story and you can check out his cricket energy bar website.

Did you ever try chocolate-covered ants? They’re a little like eating Nestle’s Crunch. You actually crunch down on the ants, but this product is made from cricket flour so I guess if somebody handed you one and didn’t tell you what’s in it you’d never guess it was made from crickets.

Insects are a regular staple in some countries. You won’t get me to eat a 7-inch beetle, but I’d try this cricket energy bar.