The big game coming up on Sunday, so I thought we’d do a little big game trivia.

Only one team has failed to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl – the Miami Dolphins  managed only a field goal in a 24 to 3 loss to Dallas in Super Bowl 6. 

The lowest scoring game was Super Bowl 7 – only 21 points were scored when Miami beat Washington 14 to 7.

The highest scoring game was Super Bowl 29 between the Chargers and 49ers when 75 points were scored.  It broke the previous record of 69 points when the Cowboys beat the Bills in Super Bowl 27.

The winning points were scored on the final play of the game in Super Bowl 36 when Adam Vinitiari’s field goal gave the Patriots a 20 to 17 win over St. Louis.

St. Louis held on to win Super Bowl 34 when Tennessee’s Kevin Dyson was stopped short of scoring the winning touchdown on the final play of the game when he was tackled at the one yard line.

Two Super Bowl MVP’s were born outside the United States.  Quarterback Mark Rypien was born in Canada.  Receiver Hines Ward was born in South Korea. 

One player holds the record for playing in the most Super Bowls.  Mike Lodish played in 6 – four with the Bills and two with Denver.

Pittsburgh and Dallas hold the record for most Super Bowl appearances.  Dallas has been in 8.  This will be the 8th for Pittsburgh.

The quarterback with the most Super Bowl appearances is John Elway with five.

The only Super Bowl that failed to sell-out was the first one between Green Bay and Kansas City.

And that first Super Bowl was telecast on two networks – both NBC and CBS.