So you think you’re a big deal.  You think you’re pretty important huh?  Let’s compare how big you are in perspective with the earth, the sun, the solar system and the universe.

We see the sun as a ball of fire in the sky but it’s 93-million miles away so you really don’t get the impression of how big it really is.  If you were able to put the mass of all the planets, the moons and all the other stuff floating around in our solar system together and squeeze it into a ball – it would be less than one percent of the mass of the sun.

The earth is a speck compared to the size of the sun.   Let’s put it this way – if you take a paper clip and imagine the diameter of the earth is the width of a paper clip – the sun would be the size of a roll-top desk placed about a hundred feet away.

Even though the sun is pretty massive – it’s just one of billions of other stars in the universe and pretty puny compared with some other stars.  The sun is considered a dwarf star.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky.  It’s more than double the size of the sun and 25 times brighter.

Then there’s Pollux – 8 times bigger than the sun - huge.

But that’s nothing compared to Arcturus – 26 times bigger than the sun.

And they keep getting bigger.  The biggest star is believed to be Canus Majoris – 2-thousand times the size of the sun.

So think back to the paper clip and imagine that roll top desk – only 2-thousand times bigger.

And you think you’re a pretty big deal, huh?