The 172nd Erie County Fair begins today in Hamburg. The theme this year – Red, White and You. I have to say it’s an event I always look forward to. Although it’s spread out over a period of 12 days it’s considered the biggest annual event in this area that routinely attracts the largest crowds. I try to get out to the fair as often as I can each year and people often ask me why I like the fair so much. Let’s take a look at the reasons.

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    There are people I see only once a year and it’s at the fair. Life seems to get busier each year and sometimes you just don’t have time to get together with old friends the way you did when you were younger. Many people seem to find time to go to the fair and that’s where we bump into each other. I always meet old friends and make new ones at the fair.

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    Bet you’re surprised that wasn’t number one. Sometimes fair food just tastes better because you’re at the fair. Summer wouldn’t be complete without downing a sausage sandwich with fried peppers and onions or a couple of them. I often seem to end up at the Chiavetta’s Chicken stand. The chicken’s great and I love the mixed tomato, onion and pepper salad.

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    Whether at the grandstand or at any of the many venues across the fair, you’ll hear some great music including all genres. We always talk about the big shows including Miranda Lambert this year and Randy Houser’s free show on Thursday night but there are so many other local singers and bands that are terrific. I even enjoy the high school kids when they march in the parade across the fairgrounds each day.

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    I always try to take a walk thru the various livestock barns. Isn’t that what the fair really is all about? I especially like talking to some of the kids who take so much pride in raising their animals only to put them up for auction. I’d be heartbroken to do that, but it’s just the way things go on the farm for so many of these young kids. That’s the way they’re taught.

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    I somehow find time to browse thru the merchandise and services of the various vendors that set up at the fair each year. And I always seem to buy something. Over the years I’ve bought a roll top desk, book shelves, an outdoor patio glider, wall art, kitchen table and chairs, knife set, mop….that’s just off the top of my head. I could take you on tour of my house and show you the things I’ve purchased at the fair.