Imagine if this happened to you. I would be beyond livid, and no money could change this.

A woman in Pennsylvania won a lawsuit last week after failing a drug test because she had eaten a poppy seed bagel, which can make you test positive for opiates.

Ready for this? Because Elizabeth Morth failed the drug test, her 3-day-old daughter, Isabella, was taken by child services. Mort never did drugs at all and was furious, as you would expect.

Isabella was returned to Mort weeks later after the child welfare place could not find an appropriate home for her.

The lawsuit argued that the opiate test given to her at the hospital had a far lower threshold than federal guidelines. It picked up the trace amounts of opiates found in the poppy seed.

From the mistake, she received $143,500 in the settlement.

How livid would you be? Is $143,500 enough?