Yeah, yeah, yeah...David Nail has an awesome voice and great songs. But, let's talk about the important stuff -- HIS HAIR!

What is going on with his latest hairstyle? David said he just wanted an easy haircut where he could just get out of bed and go. Well, you nailed it, David! That's exactly what it looks like!

Let's take a look back at all of his hairstyles

  • The classic, a-little-grown-out look.

  • The "I took a shower and threw in some gel look."

  • The "I'm just not gonna worry about my hair today" look.

  • The "I took my time and had someone do my hair" look.

  • And the "Whaaaattttt should I do? Ah, I'll just shave the sides" look.

  • Oh, bad...that's Pink. Here's his hair...