Oh man!  Is it my birthday?  I just found out today that Denny's is celebrating bacon by pairing it up with ice cream!  They're embracing the nation's love of bacon by offering a Maple Bacon Sundae for a limited time!  I'm sorry about all the exclamation points.  I just can't control my excitement!

I remember my first thought when I heard about chocolate covered bacon.  It was, "Eww...but I do like bacon."  So I tried it.  It was actually pretty good.  Then came the bacon flavored vodka.  I haven't tried that yet.  I have bacon flavored toothpicks at my house.  I LOVE BACON.  I know it's horrible for me.  But it's good.  I've even switched to turkey bacon so that I can still eat it and have a better chance of living past 45.

My point is that once upon a time there was a guy that put peanut butter together with chocolate.  I'm sure he got looked at a little crooked more than once.  But that turned out great.  Who says that ice cream and bacon can't be the next peanut butter and chocolate?  I'm willing to give it a try.  What's the craziest food combination you've ever eaten?

Check out the story of The Maple Bacon Sundae right here.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user shawnzam.