It’s bad enough to simply not pay attention when you’re driving.  There are so many things out there that can distract us.  From the weather to the other people driving, we need to find a way to stay focused.  You won’t believe what I saw as I was driving in to work today!

I’ve seen people talking on cell phones.  I’ve seen people texting on cell phones.  I’ve seen people who can’t pay attention because they are eating or drinking coffee.  But I’ve never seen this before.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t found myself in the middle of a morning commute for a while but it seemed really strange to see someone driving, drinking coffee, with the newspaper spread out over the steering wheel.  His left hand was holding the paper to the wheel while his right hand was firmly grasping his piping hot cup of coffee.

This is not for the careful drivers, but for the others who seem to think that no matter what laws are out there, their news, or text, or call cannot wait.  Seriously!  How many people have to be injured before you’ll realize that it can wait until you stop driving?  Take other people’s safety into consideration and put your distraction down.  Hang up the phone, put down the paper and drive!