Would you carry around a second phone? Nokia is hoping just that. Why would you want to do that? The phone you have does everything you want it to do. Conversation, text, internet – it’s got everything except a lot of power. How often does your phone die on you?

That’s a problem for some people so Nokia is introducing a very cheap phone with a high powered battery – the Nokia 105. It’s just $20.00 and the battery has enough power for 35-hours of continuous talk time. They’re hoping you’d be willing to carry it as a back-up.

It’s a bare bones phone – no internet. No bells and whistles. Something to keep you in touch when your main phone goes down. And in stand-by mode it’ll stay charged for over a month.

They’re real focus is on people in Third World countries who can’t always get to a power source. But while they’re introducing it, yeah, there might be some people out there who have phones which are always losing power and they need to have an emergency replacement.

Some other companies have cheap, disposable phones, but Nokia is the only one with the high powered battery.