I know it's kind of a personal question. I know there's a lot of  WYRK listeners who truly love their pets. I am one of them for sure. I am completely crazy about my Golden Retriever Bailey. He is my best friend and constant companion. One of the coolest things about Bailey is that he has the soul of an older dog in a younger dog's body. If you have owned dogs, you may know what I mean by that.

My wife Debbie also loves Bailey. She will often let Bailey lay on the bed with her while she watches TV. But, once the TV goes off and Debbie is about to go to sleep, Bailey has to go downstairs. He is not allowed to sleep in our bed. Believe me, he would like to. There have been times where Debbie was traveling and guess who was sleeping in the bed with me? Yes, it was Bailey. If it were up to me, I would let him sleep with us every night.

So I am asking you the question today: "Do you ever sleep with your pet?"