Monday is Valentine’s Day and it’s time to spotlight your furry Valentine.  Remember the first moment you fell for your pet? Was it love at first sight? My cat Kyra and I have a love hate relationship and I say hate with complete affection.  Kyra has an abnormally loud meow.  Ask any of my friends and they’ll back me up.  She is a sweet girl with a big voice and a mind of her own.  And from her picture you can tell that she also has super long whiskers which make her exceptionally cute in my opinion. Okay now to the business at hand, your furry Valentine.  The ASPCA’s Furry Valentine Photo contest is on and if you’d like to share your love story and send a prize winning photo of your pet along, you could win a prize pack and most importantly “bragging” rights proving your pet companion is top dog, cat, bird, you get the jest.   For info and to enter the Furry Valentine contest  click here.