If you grew up here in Western New York like I did, you probably have a lot of vivid memories of the things that are truly unique to us. One of those things is Genesee beer. After Buffalo brewers Simon Pure and Iroquois shut down in the early 70's, the only other local choices we had for beer were Koch's in Dunkirk and Genesee out of Rochester. Because Genesee was a much larger brewery, their advertising budget was much larger. It was just about impossible to live in the Buffalo area and not see a Genesee beer commercial on TV. Who could forget Genesee's awesome slogan.....The Great Outdoors In A Glass. Someone told me years ago that the owners of Genesee were were big hunters and fishermen, so it makes sense that they would use this theme to market their beer. Obviously it worked well. Check out this genesee beer commercial from 1985 and tell me if it brings back memories for you. Cheers!