Part III I hope this series will act as Public Service Message to anyone who operates a motor vehicle! If you do any of the things below, consider the following advice, tips, whatever, my gift to you. By changing, any and all of these habits will not only make you a better driver it will make you a better human being.  After all, we all share the same roadways and we all do live in a society.

LAP DOGS: If you own a dog, do you really need it to sit on your lap while you are doing 65 mph?  Would you put a baby on your lap while driving?  Secure the pooch and concentrate on the road.  I am sure neither party, other than you, will suffer from “separation anxiety”.  The dog will not be “put off” if they ride in the back seat or… do not call PETA on me, a cage! Ever see what a small rock, or any debris, can do to a windshield when it is “kicked up” from the road?Remember that the next time you allow your dog to hang its head out of a moving vehicle’s window-