I knew the number was high but I guess I didn’t realize that it’s around 3 million Canadians that make shopping trips to Western New York during the course of a year.  Whether you find it annoying or it doesn’t bother you, we have to admit these shoppers are helping to boost our local economy.  And now Canadians could possibly make even more visits because of the new Duty free limit changes.  What are the changes?

Beginning on June 1st:
• For trips more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours, the duty free allowance will increase from the current limit of $50 to $200.
• For trips longer than 48 hours, the duty free allowance will double from the current limit of $400 to $800.
• And for weeklong trips or longer, the duty free limit will increase from $750 to $800.

Limits for alcohol and tobacco go unchanged. Canadian shoppers still will not be allowed to bring anything back to Canada duty-free for trips less than 24 hours. Americans, currently do have a same-day duty free allowance in Canada- it is $200.

Okay so it’s good for the economy and it helps local bars, restaurants and hotels but I’m telling you I totally avoid the Outlet mall in the Falls because it’s hard to find places to park, it’s crowded inside the stores and I hate seeing the items that the Canadians leave behind in the trash bins.  I say congrats on the changes and hope our local businesses do benefit but I’ll continue to stay away I’m not one for shopping in crowded places.