The Breakfast Club receives crazy emails all the time! This one is someone asking for help on her relationship! What do you think she should do?

Dear The Breakfast Club,
I listen to your show every morning! I love all of your suggestions and this is why I am writing to the both of you for your help! I am currently in a relationship with a jerk! I’ll start off by saying he hates country music which that right there should tell me he isn’t the one! He is so inconsiderate and never asks me what I want to do. He is extremely cocky, when he really has no reason to be. He is extremely boring, I literally have to beg him to just leave the house! Is it normal for a man to never leave the house!? I don’t know why I can’t let go of him! What do you think I should do? Where can I meet a nice man? Any suggestions?! And by the way, are any of you single? Maybe one of you can take me on a date to get my mind off of him!