Easter is just a few days away and I thought I would let all of you who plan on "helping" the Easter Bunny know my Top 5 favorite candies to put in a basket!

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    Black Jelly Beans

    These are often tossed aside by most but I love the black licorice taste of a black jelly bean

    via JellyBelly
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    Foil wrapped chocolate football thingies

    I don't what they are called (editor's note: that's exactly what they're called). They come in foil and are shaped like a mini football. They don't last long but I can't stop when I start eatin em.

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    Doesn't matter color or shape. I love the peep. in moderation of course and if eating them isn't enough...you can always make them explode in a microwave.

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    3 Musketeers

    True these are good at anytime of the year. but it is sure nice to find them stashed beneath the fake grass!

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    Cadbury Crème Egg

    They not only have the best commercials this time of year. But, the taste of a Crème Egg is like a taste of heaven! I don't know if it is the filling or the chocolate or the combination of both. Cadbury Eggs are without a doubt the BEST candy to find in your basket!

    via Flickr user Svadilfari