It seems like a no-brainer. Eating on the go can be tricky. If you are driving and have passenger with you, it is their job to hand you the food as you're moving down the highway.

Fortunately, McDonald's has found a way for you to enjoy your fries even on the solo road trips!

It's being unveiled in Japan as "the potato bucket." According to the stories that I have read, as of Wednesday (April 24)...

McDonald's Japan is offering the limited-edition "potato basket" until the end of May. The red basket is designed to look like the company's fry packaging and cleverly fits into any car cup holder or bicycle water bottle holder.

I find it hard to believe that it has taken this long for something like this to be invented. The only thing that I really need when I go through the drive thru anywhere is more napkins. It seems like there is never enough!