If you need someone to blame for today’s not-so-fantastic weather, the Eli Young Band is ready to shoulder the responsibility.

“I think we brought the rain with us,” said drummer Chris Thompson. “It was raining in Kansas City [where we were last].”

Despite having gone from rainy city to rainy city, however, the guys didn’t appear too well prepared for the weather backstage before Taste of Country 2012.

“We’ll be ready by show time,” said lead singer and guitarist Mike Eli. “We’ll pull the pants out, because the shorts aren’t working right now.”

After all, EYG wants to look good for the biggest show they’ve ever played in Buffalo.

“We’ve been to the station just to visit, but we certainly haven’t played anything this big here,” Thompson said. “It’s nice being this far away from Texas, where we started and played for so many years. Now we’re branching out and get to see all the corners of the United States.”

And they’re bringing their party skills with them.

“We’re a country band -- of course we’re ready to party!” Thompson said. “That’s what we do for a living.”

After the Eli Young guys talked with John La Mond, WYRK.com asked them the four questions we're asking all of our Taste of Country artists. Here's what they had to say:

WYRK.com: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

James Young: “Friends In Low Places” [by Garth Brooks]…or any Journey.

WYRK.com: Do you have any tattoos?

Mike Eli: I have one. It says “Highways and Broken Hearts.”

Chris Thompson: I’ve got a bunch…18, something like that.

WYRK.com: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Thompson: Just try to, like, take a half hour or so to calm down, get our game faces on. We want to go out and put on a great show…so we just take a moment to sort of focus.

WYRK.com: What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Jon Jones: T. rex.

Thompson: Stegosaurus.

Eli: Brontosaurus.

Young: Pterodactyl.