Does this mean we have to make new t-shirts and signs?

The thing about predictions  is that when you're right you look like a genius, but when you're wrong you look like you should be at the front of the line for a straight jacket.  So far, this is one prediction that luckily, NO ONE has gotten right yet.
Harold Camping  (Family Radio Ministry) is starting to look like he's willing to stand at the front of that line though. He is the person who predicted that the world would end on May 21st. Now he's saying that the rapture did occur but only in the "spiritual sense."

He originally said that Christians would be raptured from the earth on May 21st but that the world would actually end on October 21st.  Now he's saying that both events will happen on the same day in October.

Many people are criticizing his predictions as unbiblical.  Check out some of their opinions  here .