Every good country fan knows the infamous Eric Church-Rascal Flatts story of Church getting fired by Rascal Flatts many years ago.

He was on tour opening up for Rascal Flatts when he broke the rules of being an opening act and played too loudly, went to areas of the stage where they told him not to go and overplayed his set by 10 minutes. Immediately after leaving the stage, the Flatts' manager fired Church and his crew and hired someone new. That person was Taylor Swift.

But, Eric Church has had nothing short of a red-hot career since and sat down with Playboy to tell them about his rise to fame.

We ended up banished to the wilderness. Nobody would touch us. It’s like we were nuclear. We're further into rock and roll than anyone else, and that’s why a lot of traditionalists have a major problem with me.

Though it seems like it finally caught on.

I've never seen a person hold grudges like that. And I like that, because I carry a hell of a chip on my shoulder.

I wonder if Church will ever get over it. He says that he carries a list of everyone that has gotten in the way of his career.

“I carry that list onstage with me," he admits.