August 22, 2014 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Clarence Fire Hall
10355 Main Street, Clarence, 14031 United States

Additional Information

Joanne's life forever changed on September 29th 2008. She dropped friends off from an end of the summer cook-out and was on her own on dark country roads. Approaching a curve that said 25mph she slowed but not before realizing another car was on her side of the road. With no time to react Joanne held her steering wheel and hit the brakes. After eight hours of surgery she awoke to broken shoulders, fractured ribs, bone pushing through her right elbow, her right foot almost destroyed and a lacerated liver. She was given several blood transfusions and after numerous surgeries they had no choice but to amputate her right foot. That was 10.31.08. Her life and the lives of her children's are affected daily. Tyler, her 17 year old daughter, has seen firsthand the importance of blood donation and how it can save lives. Help her honor her mother's life and save the lives of others by donating blood.