Is there any social situation that’s worse than getting stuck in a very boring conversation at a party or event and you just can’t seem to get out of it? You could be rude and walk away. That’s one way to handle it, but there are some more gracious ways to do it.

I happened to see an article on that gives pointers on how to change the subject, especially if it’s a topic you don’t want to discuss.

  • The tried and true -- and probably the simplest -- way is to excuse yourself for a restroom break. When you return, introduce a new topic and you ask the questions.
  • Flattery. The experts say people love to hear compliments, and if you ask them how they learned so much about the topic you’re discussing, it’ll take them into a new direction, and what you had been talking about is long gone.
  • Get help. Call somebody over and ask them to join the conversation while at the same time changing it.
  • How do you change the conversation? Segue. Tough to do.  It takes practice. For example, if I want to talk about hockey – you can change the direction of the conversation by saying something like "I was at a hockey game at the arena once but the best event I ever saw there was Taylor Swift."  Just like that a new topic!