I love family, there is nothing to me that is more important. Whether it's hanging out around a bonfire on a summer night, catching the fireworks on the 4th or dinner on holidays I always seem to be with my family.

Last night was family night with many aunts, uncles, cousins and even some friends. Many of us gathered to get together to not only spend quality time together but to celebrate some out of town relatives being home and to celebrate a cousin of mine being home on a break from serving the United States in Aghanistan. The tradition has become a fun time for everyone and it's called "Quesadilla Night." I don't remember how it started or when but it's been a long time and become a regular event.

We all seem to love quesadillas in my family. We have numerous quesadilla makers going and we make a variety of quesadillas for all to enjoy! We sit around, laugh, tell jokes and reminsce about all the great times we spend together. All kinds of quesadillas are made... pizza, cheese, chicken, beef, jalapeno, and even some quesadillas filled with fruit for dessert. Yeah we have gotten very good at making quesadillas, we've gained a ton of experience. My personal favorite quesadilla is the pizza.

Never take family for granted, enjoy the time spent together and create your own family traditions. If you're too busy to create family time you need to make time! I would love to hear about your family traditions please post them below.