These days it isn’t surprising to be at a concert and be surprised by a superstar showing up to sing with the artist you bought a ticket for.  Last week we saw Kellie Clarkson surprise Blake Shelton fans at one of his shows.  Most recently fans in Grand Rapids Michigan were fooled by a virtual ‘Carrie Underwood’ at Brad Paisley’s ‘virtual Reality Tour’.  The crowd went nuts when Carrie came out to sing ‘Remind Me’ Or did she?  The answer is no, it was a virtual Carrie Underwood and it looked so real that fans were fooled for a couple of seconds before they realized it was on the screen with a virtual light that looked as if Carrie was on stage.  A fan in the audience captured it on their cell and for a few seconds it sure looks real on camera, but once the lights go up it changes everything.  Pretty cool trick, see for yourself.